TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation was founded on July 12, 1985 by TİSK, Employer Associations, and leading companies and businesspeople of the world of business. 

The Foundation provides rehabilitation services to employees in the aftermath of occupational-work accidents, supports accident victims and their families and engages in efforts to reintroduce them to professional life. Prevention of occupational-work accidents altogether is also an important focal point for the foundation.  To this end, educational events and training sessions are held at organized industrial sites throughout Turkey, and for employers’ unions that express a request. The Foundation aims for the adoption of health and safety practices at work not out of obligation but as an integral part of professional culture.

In line with its objective to increase the number of surgeons specializing in microsurgery in Turkey, the Foundation funds aspiring surgeons to attend courses at home and abroad and donates devices and equipment to university hospitals and research/education hospitals.

Economic Research Foundation was founded in 1962 to delve into Turkey’s economic, social, and financial issues and propose solutions.

The Foundation’s primary objective is to conduct scientific and technical studies exploring the changes taking place in the economic, social, and financial realms, to explore the applicability of these changes, and to organize national and international seminars, open debates, conferences, and press briefings, which are attended by scientists and experts and accompanied by publications (books/brochures), to share the outcomes of these activities with the public.

Economic Development Foundation was co-founded by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 1965 to provide the Turkish business world and the public with information about the European Union and the developments in relations between Turkey and the EU.  Thanks to the plethora of seminars, conferences, panels, and publications since the early days of its establishment and its close collaboration with many national and international organizations over the years, the Foundation attained a respectable and influential status in the public sphere.

In parallel with the developments in relations between Turkey and the EU, the Economic Development Foundation has steadily expanded its realm of activity and observed an increase in the number of its trustees and sponsors. At the Helsinki Summit of the European Council in December 1999, when Turkey was officially recognised as a candidate for full membership, the Foundation concentrated its activities in view of the requirements of the accession process. In matters regarding the Turkey-EU relations, the Foundation took on the role of coordinator between the private sector and the EU and the public and was supported in this role by several organizations representing the business world in Turkey.

MEKSA is a public benefit foundation established in 1985 in accordance with private law statutes. Since its establishment, it has been working to promote the adoption of an applied vocational training model that takes into consideration the requirements and standards of the labour market in Turkey. Its main objective is to create a direct alliance between vocational training and employment.

To that end, Education Centres Supra Business Enterprises were founded and are currently operational. Since such efforts require the participation and contribution of all organizations with an interest in vocational training and employment, organizations of this nature collaborate with the MEKSA Foundation and are represented on the board of directors.

Our Confederation is a founding member of this foundation.

TESEV is a centre for the cultivation of thought established for the purpose of conducting research on the correlations between findings of scientific studies and political decisions, and organizing conferences, open debates, and round table discussions for the widespread dissemination of free thought and knowledge.

Turkish Foundation for Protection of Persons with Disabilities was established in 1982 by the decree of the Council of Ministers. The Foundation strives to improve the socio-economic circumstances of the disabled, provide occupational and medical rehabilitation, facilitate employment, prevent further impairment, encourage artistic, sportive, cultural, and scientific endeavours, and provide guidance aimed at increasing productivity. In addition, the Foundation actively engages in helping the disabled with social adjustment, developing projects and providing social relief.

Our Confederation is a founding member of this foundation.