Turkiye's Journey To Zero Incident

TİSK and TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation (TISK MCV) together with Intenseye have taken the initiative to launch the “Türkiye’s Journey to Zero Accident” project with  the Signig Ceremony on April 8th, 2022.

Thanks to Artificial Intelegince (AI) – powered occupational health and safety (OHS) video analyse platform, this project aims to enable early identification of potential hazards and preventing incidents before they occur.

Intenseye was designed to help global organizations tackle the biggest workplace health and safety problems. With deployment in over 25 countries, their software has captured over 15 million unsafe acts and conditions so far. Their technology helps to increase productivity and work quality at workplace while it also provides healthier and safer working conditions.

200 member companies of 21 sectoral employer orginizations under the umbrella of TİSK have been supported by this project with the great sponsorship of TİSK MCV. Intenseye AI-powered OHS  technology have already started to be integrated to facilities of these companies. These companies have provided quite positive feedbacks about the technology and they, already now, remarking that there is decrease in the number of accidents in their workplaces.

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