Barrier-Free Development Academy

Barrier-Free Development Academy is a project created in awareness of social good and initiated by TİSK, Türk-İş (Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions) and Hak-İş (Trade Union Confederation) to empower people with disabilities (PwDs).  TİSK handles the coordination and operation of the project implemented collaboratively by NGOs, Workers’ Confederations and İŞKUR and the Academy will be offering people with disabilities free access to personal development courses and vocational training modules created by experts from home. The educational content will include special content technologically formulated for the vision and hearing impaired. At the Training Design Laboratory to be set up within the premises of Türk Traktör, who is one of the collaborators of the project, all educational content will be prepared with media accessibility including sign language, detailed subtitling, and audio description. All training modules will be designed in line with the needs of PwDs and their places of employment.

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